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2012 Ars Electronica Festival
The Big Picture; New Concepts for a New World

Ars Electronica is one of the most important annual events for new media and art.
Their website presents good information on a range of cutting edge artworks and designs.
They also give awards each year in a number of categories that define the field.
The cite includes a curatorial-like statement for this year's theme: The Big Picture; New Concepts for a New World.
Check out the recent annual award winners!

posted by: lonce wyse (matric ….., W1, Sept 22, 2012)

**Zero1 Bienniel Festival, San Jose, California 2012
Media Arts Festival in heart of Silicon Valley
This festival experimented with a "networked model of collaborative curation" (and artitsts and exhibitions)
Lazano-Hemmer is among the several artists in the festival whose work tends to focus on people interaction.
posted by: Anne Marie Schleiner (matric ….., W2,W3, Sept 34, 2012)

**Collection of Interactive Art Installations

These are 2 websites that I found which showcases some amazing art installations. They feature different designers and videos as well to explain their project and ideas. I hope this would be useful!

Posted by: Felicia Soh (A0082926, W4, 30th Sept, 2012)

** MediaArtTube Exhibition 1.1 - Mirror Interfaces

This youtube link shows numerous mirror interfaces that are designed such that the participant's entity is expanded or disembodied through the visual responses on the screen or other mechanical/robotic devices, reflecting the dynamic relationship between Human and Media.

Posted by: Lim Lee Ming (A0070138M, W3, 29th Sept, 2012)

**Jonathan Munro, 2009 - 2011
A collection of curator Joanathan Muro's works.

Jonathan Munro is a curator from UK and his more recent works focus on digital/new media art. This personal website of his records a collection of projects that he has curated or involved in. Besides, he also shares some of his "behind-the-scenes" experiences as a curator under the Blog tab.

Posted by: Cai Hui Bin (A0084292B, W4, Sept 28, 2012)

STRP Festival - Annual art and technology festival in Eindhoven
2011 STRP Festival

STRP Festival is one of the largest art, music & technology festivals in Europe.
The event focuses on interactive art, music, film, live cinema, performances, symposiums, dance, gaming and robotics.
Daan Roosegaarde is an example of an artist who creates interactive landscapes that respond intuitively to sound and motion.
One of his works, DUNE, can be found here

posted by: Tan Jun Long Gerald (Matric A0074032U, W2, Sept 26, 2012)

**Leonardo Electronic Almanac(LEA) Exhibition – Biotopia Revisited 02.2012

This is a showcase of LEA’s digital media exhibition platform. ‘BIOTOPIA REVISITED’ seeks to expose how art, technology, and curating enter into different roles (than the traditional ones) in the wet zone.
‘BIOTOPIA’ was part of the Port 2010 festival of contemporary art and realized in cooperation with KUNSTEN Modern Art Museum, Utzon Center (Aalborg, DK) and Aalborg University.
Contributors include media artist Mogens Jacobsen who is one of Denmark’s leading ambassadors in the field of digital and internet-based art.
posted by: Lin Xiu'En Ann (Matric A0083521M, W2, Sept 26, 2012)

Microwave New Media Arts Festival
Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2011: Alchemy

The Microwave International New Media Arts Festival is an annual new media arts festival based in Hong Kong. The 2011 exhibition is centred on the theme of Alchemy, signifying an analogy of the merging of arts and science and the inheritance of spiritual and intellectual intelligence from our forefathers.
There is an assembly of media art laboratories from 8 different countries, and the pieces showcased explore digital culture, augmented reality, and robotic intelligence, just to name a few.
The curatorial statement, though inspiring, is a little vague and abstract. However, the website is extremely informative in other areas (especially the descriptions of works and artists), and you can explore the archives as well, which will link you to pages of previous years' exhibitions.

Posted by: Clara Lu Yiqiong (Matric U091233W, W2, Sept 26, 2012)

DEAF 07 Dutch Electronic Art Festival
Interact or Die!

DEAF07 is about untidy, disorganized and chaotic interaction of which the resulting outcome is unpredictable. This festival highlights the importance of interaction between audience and the art piece and many of these art pieces requires audience participation. One can expect most art pieces to require audience participation. This exhibition has pieces from all over the world and range from video art to experimental technological art.

One of the art pieces called "Go Up! Go Up!" has television screens stacked up as ladder and and people on the tv screens are climbing up the ladder. Audience participate by shouting and making noises causing the climbers to fall and re-climb from the bottom.

Most of the exhibition pictures are broken :( (but you can search for them on google.)

Posted by: Na Xin Yi (A0083604J, W1, Sept 26, 2012)

A MAZE. Interact Festival 2012


A MAZE. Interact Festival 2012 is held in Johannesburg in South Africa and it comprises of computer games and interactive installations. The goal of A MAZE is to form an annual platform for artist and game developers and allow participants to experience human-human-machine interaction.

One of the pieces, Photo Assassino revolves around participants using their mobile phones to snap photos of opposing teams and uploading it onto the central website. Phones are used as a weapon and teams earn points when they take photos of their opponents.

Posted by: Valery Heng (Matric A0082854X, W4, Sept 27, 2012)

Act/React: Interactive Installation Art in Milwaukee
[ ]

Act/React was an art exhibition held in Milwaukee Museum in 2009. The website mainly showcases what the exhibition is about and its main highlights to take note of, one of which includes "Healing Pool" by Brian Knep, an interactive floor piece that reacts to movements. Instead of having passive art pieces such as sculptures, art exhibits that were displayed were mainly interactive art pieces that could respond and react to people's movements.

More information about the art pieces can also be found here:

YOU:Investigating Identity

Another interactive art exhibition occuring this year at Oceanside Museum of Arts, which allows participants to interact at a personal level. They are able to share their autobiographies, and even take photos of themselves which would be displayed in the museum.

Posted by: Amanda Soh (Matric A0083599J, W1, Sept 28, 2012)

FILE PAI 2011 (Electronic Language International Festival, Interactive Public Art)
(URL to curatorial essay:

FILE PAI is a digital public art exhibition (with interactive installations, animations, games, machinimas) that does not take place in a museum, but in public spaces around Paulista Avenue in Brazil. The exhibition seeks to bridge the divide between human and art, and help integrate public art back into people’s daily lives. The curator, Ricardo Barreto, actually pointed out that as the world modernizes, public art has very much become simply aesthetics (something to enjoy), and not to learn from. However, as humans’ increasing usage of technology starts to mould them into more cyber-intelligent and cyber-creative people (and thus more dangerous as well because they become transconnective and emergencies may occur) as Barreto had put it, he suggests interactive public art as a way of “understanding and absorbing those new social phenomena” caused by technology and as a strategy “that may interconnect with those new mass behaviours.” Because digital art promotes both learning and fruition-interaction, it absorbs those mass behaviours by bringing people back to it with the digital interaction it offers.

The curatorial essay is quite mind-boggling. I hope what I summarize is actually what the curator meant. But anyways, here’s the URL to the interaction public artworks that were showcased:

Posted by: Andrea Loh (A0075227, W1, 28 September 2012) website

This is a personal web collection of "relational" art of all sorts.

Posted by: Lonce

Art For Shopping Centres
Art For Shopping Centres

Art For Shopping Centres is an exhibition at Futuresonic 2007, it emphasizes on displaying of visually fliud art by using CCTV cameras operated by artists to create
dynamic art displayed on advertisement screens of the shopping centres. This relates to human-media-human in the sense that every single shopper passively and unknowingly interacts with the medium which is the mixture of the artist and the CCTV cameras and screens of the shopping centre. As long as the shopper is within the shopping centre, they too become part of the dynamic art of the exhibition. In this case, shoppers are both plays a part in viewing and creating the dynamic art, by being passively unaware that they are being captured on the screen, and also watching the screens of the shopping centres. The artists controlling the CCTVs also play a part in this 3 way interaction as they are controlling the art that is being displayed on the screens.

Posted by: Tan Pi Liang (U080108Y, 28 September 11:12am)

Sonic Encounter

Sonic Ecounter (2008) was created by Zulkifle Mahmod. It was created for the non-local audience in Moscow. The project itself is a sound installation and involves thirty white globes suspending from the ceiling of different heights. These globes which are suppose to resemble Singapore's street lamps will play a range of different soundscapes of the cities of Singapore, such as Orchard Road, Rochor Cnetre and Arab Street. Visitors can thus experience and discover about Singapore in this manner. Mahmod also hopes that by using the globes, he is able to evoke a sense of familiarity to the places and activities, but yet unfamiliar to the local audience.

Posted by: Daphne Fong (A0073285B, W2, 28 September)

What a Loving, and Beautiful World

What a Loving, and Beautiful World is a collaboration between Sisyu, a Japanese calligrapher and the “Ultra Technologist Group”, teamLab. The project involves characters of Kanji and uses motion sensors in a darkened room. The characters will appear on the walls and fall slowly but once someone's shdow interacts and touches the them, they will change their shape. For example, if the character is "butterfly", once touched, it will transform into a butterfly. This project hopes to make use of technology and reinterprete writing as a communicating tool.

Posted by: Daphne Fong (A0073285B, W2, 28 September)

Home Movies

Home Movies (2006) is created by Jim Campbell, where he made use of low resolution LED light installations to evoke people's associative thinking. The LEDs are stringed together and are widely spaced, facing the wall, thus, producing an image on its surface. Viewers will then look through the LEDS to see a still photograph, which is being partially blocked by the LEDs. Because of the image being blocked and not received clearly by viewers, their associative thinking will come in to play, giving different experience and emotions to viewers.

Posted by: Daphne Fong (A0073285B, W2, 28 September)

ISEA 2012 - Re-envisioning Art, Technology and Nature


ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness is a symposium and series of events exploring the discourse of global proportions on the subject of art, technology and nature. The ISEA symposium is held every year in a different location around the world, and has a 30-year history of significant acclaim. Albuquerque is the first host city in the U.S. in six years…

Posted by: Jing Chiang (matric… , W2, Sept 28, 2012)

** Digital Art & Culture Festival 2011**

The Digital Art & Culture Festival 2011 that was held in Penang, Malaysia in 15 July – 17 July 2011 mainly focused on interactive installations alongside other audiovisual mapping projects and workshops.

These interactive installations are themed along the heritage and history of Penang. An installation design, “Suffolk Sound Scapes” creates two dimensions of reality and fantasy through sound scapes and also allows the involvement of 5 participants simultaneously.“Franc” also allows users in the navigation of the zeppelin through an online website to allow them to view live scenes of the festival from a height through a web-camera which is also projected on the ballroom’s walls.

Posted by: Cassandra Lau (A0085618W, W4, Sept. 28 2012)

Frank the Oudsten :: Floating Identities [1995]


Floating Identities: This piece shows how difficult is the search for the authentic feeling, it is always hampered by dramatic simulations and illusions. The events that are displayed on the screens of the sculptures are not those that we experienced, but most are so familiar to us, they are firmly anchored in our collective visual consciousness that they make up our image of the world to outline our worldview. The space-time continuum is broken down into components and only assembled in the act of strolling reception to a new, separate for each viewer cognitive orientation map, which could help him/her to find his own specific way through the chaos of the mediated world images.

Posted by: Evelyn Leo (A0083004W, W1, Sept 28,2012)

404 Festival

The 404 Festival prides itself as the international festival for art and technology, where it promotes and spreads artistic productions around the world in the eld of electronic art. Through this, it generates a production environment where the authors are all interrelated. Though the upcoming ninth edition has yet to be held, only in October, information about the works has already been uploaded on the site. In fact, the site is so rich with information, materials ranges from artists descriptions to out-links and videos that tells you more about the work itself. Here is the link: []. This year, there are interactive pieces from Argentina to Taiwan, which are electronic art pieces that require human interactivity and are (honestly) very pleasing to the eye. In addition, feel free to check the section on earlier editions as you get to see the past eight 404 festivals, its artists and their works. My personal favorite is the 7th edition, where the theme of "error" as creations ran throughout the show.

Posted by: Louis Sim (A0072494Y, W1, 28 Sept, 2012)

The Media Facades Festival

This festival hosts a number of digital art works from artists in Europe and explores the possibilities of urban screens and media facades via Internet and new technologies on a European level. The festival features interactive artworks such as Giant of the Hoods, Lummoblocks and SMSlingshot. These projects create social interaction between the audiences and the digital façade.

A list of artists and proiects from the 2008 Media Facades Festival can be accessed here

A list of artists and projects from the 2010 Media Facades Festival can be accessed here

Posted by: Samantha Ding (U092074N, W3, Sept 28, 2012)


Founded in 1999, Artspan is a major contemporary art destination and the leading provider of premium artist, artisan and photographers websites.
Artspan provides creative contemporary artist professionals with websites and features designed specifically for their needs. The work shown on the individual sites is only original work and prints. Artspan is about original art and prints where its members are professionals with unique skills and visions.

Posted by: Ho Hui Li Michelle (A00835853X, W1, Sept 28, 2012)

Interactive and Digital Design


This site gives a variety of different interactive and digital designs. It includes physical designs to online and application designs.
One example taken from the site is an interactive design piece titled Bombay Sapphire Sky Pavilion. The pavilion gives visitors the chance to use their imagination and their bodies to manipulate a sky of virtual clouds and star constellations in a truly unique sensory experience.

Another piece worth mentioning is the "Which is your brass's voice?" Interactive AI Artwork by Aether & Hemera. The piece invites audiences to discover their brass voice by speaking, singing, shouting or whispering into microphones to create an engaging multi-sensory experience.

Posted by: Khoo Yun Zhen Daphne (A0084916W, W3, Sept. 28, 2012)

OUTVIDEO 2012: 5th International Festival of Video Art in the Urban Environment

OUTVIDEO is a unique festival of video art in public spaces at Yekaterinburg. The main idea of the festival is to popularize video art to the mass audience; impact large scale integration of modern art in urban environment; as well as to aid in the disclosure of artistic potentials through the avenue of new media. As the submission for the festival are still on going, there isn't much information on the currently art works. However, the website provides good information on how to take part in this "no sound video only" competition and would potentially showcase and describe the various work pieces. One interesting concept that the OUTVIDEO website has incorporated is it's encouragement of audience participation. They have created an "audience festival" section where the audience are encourage to air their views and posits about the various upcoming art works.

Posted by: Errol Lim (U091727L, W4, Sept. 28, 2012)

MIT Museum

Featuring Art installations and research projects by the Sociable Media Group and it challenges how people would think about the future of human communication via the different media platforms - such as Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.
The art installations are all interactive to some extend. Metropath(ologies) has a very low interactivity where audience's faces and voices would be captured by the cameras and flashed on the installation to show how information is being pulled - from anywhere and everywhere. Whereas Chit-Chat-Club has more interactivity with active participation from the audience on the 'Cheiro Chair' using typography to communicate.

Posted by: Chow Yi Ling Eileen (A0070101H, W1, Sept 27 2012)

A collection of interactive artifacts and experiences by Golan Levin and collaborators

Golan Levin has exhibited widely in Europe, America and Asia. Levin's projects uses digital technology to highlight people's relationship with machines and showcase the way people interact with each other. Examples of his projects:

Ghost Pole Propagator captures and replays stick figures of passersby in its environment, forming a moving tapestry. Visitors see their own stick-figures moving in real time and the recorded stick figures of previous visitors.

Reface [Portrait Sequencer] uses face-tracking technology to record clips of visitors' faces. It then composes endless combinations of its visitors' features, allowing visitors to play with their own appearance and identity.

Posted by: Pereira Cassandra Alison (A0073698L, W1, Sept 28, 2012)

Interactive Design International Festival
Wif: exploring the latest interactive design innovations

For the 5th edition of Wif, the interactive design festival, 12 conferences and 18 workshops will be put on from 29 to 31 May in Limoges, representing the regional, national and international (15 countries) ecosystem of interactive design.

One of the centrepieces of the Festival will be the Wif Design Challenge, a limited time competition with a concept of designing and developing innovative interface prototypes.

Within 24 hours, 200 teams worked on the subject: “Interactive Design and Sustainable Development. With an interface prototype or service, show how interactive design can contribute to make our daily digital objects more reliable, socially and environmentally..” Some of the works submitted by the teams can be viewed online. For instance, one of the teams showed how interfaces have changed from the past to the present, and what it may look like in future, with much more personalisation. Interfaces will contain things like face-recognition and storage of different users' needs.

Posted by: Magdalene Chua (A0078581U, W4, Sept 28 2012)

Seeking Silicon Valley, 2012 ZERO1 Biennial

Silicon Valley is globally known as a a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, but the 2012 ZERO1 biennial seeks to transform Silicon Valley "into an epicenter for innovative art production and public experience". Under the theme "Seeking Silicon Valley", it features works by a diverse group of local, national, and international contemporary artists.

Moreover, to model after the networked nature of Silicon valley, a network of curators from different countries were brought together to form a collaborative curation, and bring about a global perspective to the Biennial. To be specific, the biennial examine how artists seek and engage with the groundbreaking technology that has come to define Silicon Valley. This means artists attempt to convert the existing technology's role in the research institutions, to create new forms of expression with their expertise. Here is a video: []

Here, this exhibition deals with space and creation. Artists attempt to create new concepts and notions by overcoming an existing impression of Silicon Valley. Moreover, the site is pretty informative as the viewers are able to see the respective artists' background, short write-ups on the pieces, and more importantly it supplies viewers with an external link that either give more information about the work or allows viewers to interact with the work digitally.

Posted by: Louis Sim (A0072494Y, W1, 28 Sept, 2012)

7th Seoul International Media Art Biennale - Mediacity Seoul 2012

This year’s Seoul International Media Art Biennale theme is ‘Spell on You’. It aims to present an imagines vision of a new world and society in two ways. It shows how the proliferation of new technology and social media has been caused an impact on the way people communicate. It highlights how there are changes with regards to social communication and exchange. It also attempts to find out how people’s ways of living and future would change via these advancements in art and technology.

Posted by: Ong Xin Er (U092818U, W4, Sept 28 2012)


Geekdown presents New Biologies

GeekDown is an annual gallery exhibit showcasing innovation in new media and self expression. This year’s installment (GeekDown Presents: New Biologies) focuses on the intersection of human technology and biological life, the organic and synthetic mechanisms overlapping and evolving around us. New Biologies features works by multimedia artists, computer programmers, scientists and designers for whom the story of our natural world is essential.
Check out Jack Kalish's Sound Affects. It is a multimedia performance that extracts, analyzes, amplifies, and sonifies the affective states of the user, creating music from the emotions of the performers.

Posted by: Hong Ling Hui (A0088731X, W3, Sept. 28, 2012)

The Art of Video Games
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Exhibitions: The Art of Video Games

This exhibition focuses on the evolution and history of video games as an artistic medium. The site contains numerous resources on the exhibition, including a behind-the-scenes photo gallery and links to interviews with the curator and news articles (which I found rather informative).

Of particular interest are how the curator used the public to select works and how they were exhibited (Only a select few were playable but they were all shown on original hardware).

Posted by: Ng Guoyou (A0081058H, W1, Sept 28, 2012)

META 2010 New Media Exhibition

META 2010 New Media Exhibition is an annual showcase of the thesis artworks of graduating students from the New Media program of the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University. New Media practices have become the image of the 21st Century - they represent the unification of technological advancement and creative innovation in a way that extends the parameters of artistic expression. META is an exhibition of contemporary artwork produced by the newest visionary talent working on a wide range of issues, using a variety of styles.

Posted by: Jolene Quek (A0091415L. W4, Sept 28, 2012)

Artworks by Jon McCormack

Jon McCormack is an Australian-based electronic media artist and researcher in computing. He uses computer code as a medium for creative expression. Inspired by the complexity and wonder of a diminishing natural world, his work is concerned with electronic “after natures” – alternate forms of artificial life that may one day replace the biological nature lost through human progress and development.

Posted by: Gwen Thiam (A0073466Y, W4, Sept 28 2012)

EYEBEAM (Art + Technology Center)

Founded in 1997, Eyebeam was conceived as a non-profit art and technology center dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts, while simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre of cultural production. Today, Eyebeam offers residencies and fellowships for artists and technologists working in a wide range of media. At any given time, there are up to 20 resident artists and fellows onsite at Eyebeam's 15,000-square foot Chelsea offices and Labs, developing new projects and creating work for open dissemination through online, primarily open-source, publication as well as a robust calendar of public programming that includes free exhibitions, lectures and panels, participatory workshops, live performances and educational series.

Posted by: Setyo Mahatmo (A0088683L, W1, Sept 29 2012)

Curating NetArt

A blog that discusses the issues regarding net-art which includes curating, values, and the like by Ursula Endlicher, a new media artist known for works that intersect Internet art, performance and multiple-media installation.

Posted by: Setyo Mahatmo (A0088683L, W1, Sept 29 2012)

Images Festival

The Images Festival is an annual event exhibiting the edge of innovation in international contemporary media art. It started as an alternative to the Toronto Film Festival and later expanded to include performances, new media and media installations. Over the years, the Images Festival has played an instrumental role in showcasing the work of culturally diverse and Aboriginal artists as well as the works of independent artists in Canada. Check out the catalogue for the full range of works that were showcased during the festival.

Posted by: Lee Kun Tat (A0085736U, W2, Sept 29, 2012)


Motiv is an Meida Human Media interactive interface that is an open source application that uses the Kinect hardware to give digital musicians direct control of emotional expression in their music by interpreting their gestures in real-time.

Other interesting creations can also be found on the same Web site such as : which records the event/photos around the dinner table, and by using a multi-touch approach, users are able to use timeline to trace your ancestors, the aim is to make the artifect last for the future.

Posted by: Bao Ercong (A0087391W, W3, Sept 29, 2012)

Artworks by Scott Sona Snibbe

Scott Snibbe is a media artist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. His creations are strongly influenced by cinema: particularly animation and surrealist film; and often mix live and filmed performances with real-time interaction. Many of his works do not function unless viewers actively engage with them—by touching, breathing, or moving. His projects also encourage human-to-human social interactions by provoking communication among the viewers. By using interactivity, he hopes to promote an understanding of the world as interdependent; destroying the illusion that each of us, or any phenomenon, exists in isolation from the rest of reality.

Posted by: Chong Mei Kwee (A0070178E, W2, 29 September)

AV Festival 12: As Slow As Possible

From the website: "AV Festival is a leading international Festival of contemporary art, music and film. A biennial event, the Festival is thematically curated to engage audiences with current ideas across art, society and technology."

Posted by: Tiew Ee Chyang (A0087901B, W1, Sept 29, 2012)

Whitney Artport - Net Art Exhibition

A collection of different Net art pieces created by different artist. It's a portal to net art and digital arts, and an online gallery space for commissioned net art projects. The site consists of five major areas:The archive of "gate pages," which function as portals to net artists' works. Each month, an artist is invited to present their work in the form of a gate page with links to the artist's site and most important projects. The "commissions" area, which presents original net art projects commissioned by the Whitney Museum.The "exhibitions" space, which provides access to and information about current and past net art and digital arts exhibitions at the Whitney.The "resources" archive, which links to galleries, networks and museums on the Web; past net art exhibitions at venues world-wide; Web publications relating to net art and digital arts; as well as new media festivals. This archive is constantly evolving as new organizations and resources are added. The "collection" area, which archives the works of net art and digital art in the Whitney Museum's holdings.

There is a wide range of net art pieces being shown in the exhibition space, just click on the link above to visit the page :)

Posted by: Bao Ercong (A0087391W, W3, Sept 29, 2012)



Rhizome ArtBase is an online archive of digital art containing over 2,500 art works. The ArtBase provides an online home for works that employ materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games and browsers towards aesthetic and critical ends. The mission of the ArtBase is to provide free, open, and permanent access to a living and historic collection of seminal new media art objects. By signing up, one can venture into the exhibitions and resources link which will provide you with an endless resource of artworks that deal with many genres ranging from technology to social to political new media art. The curators have done an excellent job in archiving the abundant artworks by title, tags, artist and many more for your convenience in searching.

Posted by: Mustafa Rafiuddin Bin Sulaiman (A0072695U, W1, Sept 29, 2012)

Triangulation Blog

Triangulation Blog started off as an art based research blog focused on a triangular concept, abstract experimental and new media art. Thus, it has a vast collection of art work that is updated daily, it also features interviews with artists where they explain their works and sometimes, the process of creation. The works are divided into categories such as architecture, interactive, internet, painting, product and sound. The blog also provides links to artists and exhibitions which could come in handy.

Posted by: Yogeswari D/O Kunusegaran (A0070819B, W4, September 29, 2012)

Ishikawa Oku Laboratory


Ishikawa Oku Laboratory contains research which focus on physical, social and psychological interactions. There are four main related topics namely "sensor fusion", "dynamic image control", "vision chip" and "meta perception". Each of the following topics contain several projects by the laboratory members.

Posted by: Muhammad Sadiq Bin Samsudin (A0072045N, W2, September 30, 2012)

Traces of a constructed city - curator: Mark Tribe, exhibited at Computer Aided Curating

This is an early example of digital art. In the early day when countries are still developing, Mark Tribe encountered a lot of websites which have the image "Site under construction", similarly to the physical building construction outside. The project questioned the meaning of the word "site" in both contexts and how it related to people's lives.

Posted by: Bui Thuy Hanh (A0074355A, W2, September 30, 2012)

#24hport by Man Bartlette

In this project, Bartlette spent 24 hours in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan asking Twitter followers, “Where have you been?” and people in the Port Authority, “Where are you going?” These simple questions are meant to open up conversations, both virtual and in-person, about memory and geography.

Posted by: Bui Thuy Hanh (A0074355A, W2, September 30, 2012)

Compilation of interactive installations of numerous artists by Joe Nattapol Suphawong

Nattapol is an interactive media artist/designer/lecturer. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (Magna Cum Laude) from Assumption University, Thailand and a Master’s Degree in Design & Technology (Valedictorian 2006) from Parsons The New School for Design, New York.
His selections include a wide variety of designs which are interactive in nature.

Posted by: Vincent Lim (A0101802B, W4, September 30, 2012)

Pixxelpoint – International Festival of New-Media Art

Pixxelpoint has become established as one of more important festivals of the New Media Art in the Slovenian arena. It has also created its reputation on an international scale.

The purpose of the festival is to bring information technologies closer to the broader public and at the same time to present other possibilities for the use of computers, particularly to the younger generation. In the world which is being constantly changing by means of new technologies, the understanding of the basics of techno-cultural development, as a part of general education, is found to be highly important. And it is the art (of the new media) that may be the means through which information technologies may transform themselves into an expression which is closer to the people and easy to understand. The project encourages artistic and theoretical creativity in the border area and at the same time it develops cross-border cooperation in an inventive field of new media which by their definition know no borders and operate globally. source

Take a look at its 2011 exhibition with the theme: Let's Get Ready, and also the curatorial statement at this link:

Posted by: Shireen Ramli (A0075220U, W1, September 30, 2012)

*MILKproject* by Esther Polak (LV) and Ieva Auzina (LV)


MILKproject is a project showcased in 2005 prix ars, a premier cyberarts competition and a forum for artistic creativity and innovation. MILKproject is an artistic mapping project that uses GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technologies to map out possibilities of time and space representation in individual routes of several small-scale Latvian milk farms and of milk transportation throughout Europe. Ieva Auzina and Esther Polak in collaboration with software developer Markus The (NL) and aims to discover this peculiar milk net.

Link to the site of MILKart description in Prix Ars electronica 2005 collection

Posted by: Lee Ting Hui (A0096712B, W4, September 30, 2012)

Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions is an annual advertising festival held in Cannes, France. Each year they have a lot of professional entries from companies with unique ideas of presenting their products. It really has a big impact in the competitive marketing and advertising ideas.

Posted by: Wahyu Daytmiko (A0088382U, W4, September 30, 2012)

Blast Theory

Blast Theory is a group of highly creative artists that makes use of interactive media art to create performances across the Internet. Their works explore interactivity as well as the social and political aspects of technology. This website includes descriptions of their long history of works in detail.

Posted by: Justine Koh (A0073237H, W1, September 30, 2012)

Eric Fischer
Works: The Geotaggers' World Atlas
Locals and Tourists
See something or say something
Paths through cities

Over the years Fischer has rendered loads of raw numbers into informative and visually powerful maps on a diverse range of topics: from race to language to the use of social media. These works are all published on Flickr. Some of you may recognize his work ‘Locals and Tourists’ which was featured at MOMA’s “Talk to Me” exhibition. That was actually derived from an earlier set 'Geotaggers' World Atlas'.

'The Geotaggers' World Atlas' features maps that are ordered by the number of pictures taken in the central cluster of each one.'Locals and Tourists’ tries to map which of these pictures are taken by locals and which by tourists.
'See something or say something' compared where people post pictures to Flickr in various cities to where they tweet.
'Paths through cities' shows maps which route 30,000 randomly-chosen trips through the paths suggested by 10,000 randomly-chosen geotags.

Posted by: Chin Yu Jie (A0082853, W4, 30 September 2012)

SF art & design portal

SF art & design portal contains a selection of sites that are "creative, beautiful, innovative, functional and exceptional". The sites are listed by category, design style, colour combination and country. In particular, there are categories on interactive design and interactive art. In general the sites make use of flash technology to create webpage design.

Posted by: Lim Yian Lu (A0085147, W2, 30 September 2012)

Second Story

Second Story is an independently owned interactive media studio in Portland. It is known for its interactive storytelling in digital formats and has quite a number of notable works like in the Walt Disney Family Museum and National World War 1 Museum. It hopes to get visitors to use the interactivity and history of the works and create their own second story.

Posted by: Low Yan Yin (A0071368B, W2, 30 September 2012)

Media: Interactive

Here's a pinterest website with quite a number of interesting user-interactivity artworks.

Posted by: Low Yan Yin (A0071368B, W2, 30 September 2012)


[] is the online destination of Louise Blouin Media, the world’s leading cultural media group. They provide unparalleled access to the world of art and culture. Each day, offers breaking news, profiles of top and emerging artists, stories about collectors and collecting, gallery round-ups from around the world, the best of student art, market trends and analysis, and detailed coverage of art fairs.

Posted by: Ho Hui Li Michelle (A0083583X, W1, Sept 30, 2012)

Multitouch Barcelona is an interaction design studio exploring natural communication between people and technology.
They design experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the real world.

posted by: Cheong Ying Hui (A0085270H, W4, Sept 30, 2012)

Constructing Realities

Constructing Realities is an interesting exhibition which showcases some of the best works from the new Postgraduate Certificate Course in Advanced Architectural Research, set up at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, to give students with Masters degrees the opportunity to take their work to a further stage development.
This exhibition organised with the generous support of Arup's Phase 2 Gallery shows how some of the best Masters portfolios and these contain the seeds of serious design research proposals, and how these might be taken forward to create new types of place, novel interactive building elements and new façade and structural systems.

Posted by: Cherlyn Ang Ee Shan (A0071448A, W1, Sept 30, 2012)


Translife 2011 is the next installment of the Media Art China series. The exhibition touches on the global challenges of climate and ecological crisis that mankind faces and calls out for the participation of the audience to face these challenges head on. It is a very interesting exhibition as it features artists from all over the world and how they have different 'takes' on the same climate and ecological crisis. The exhibition is organized into three thematically related components (Sensorium of the Extraordinary, Sublime of the Liminal and Zone of the Impending) and a separate "Weather Tunnel" that progresses from the discovery of new sensorial properties to revealing emerging concepts of life. It attempts to use historical roots to make the audience question the notion of subjectivity in the project of modernity. The curatorial concept is one that is not only organic but one that leads you from a micro-level perspective to a macro-level perspective. Translife brings a total of 53 artworks by over 80 artists and artist collective from all over the world to the audience in Beijing, China.

Posted by: Nicole Yeo Ziyun (A0092073J, W3, Sept 30, 2012)

The Interactive Multimedia Culture Exposition


Produced by StudioIMC, masterminds behind some of the interactive screens seen in the US (, the website features some of the work that was displayed at the third IMC Exposition. Most of them involve interactivity with screens and lights, but as the website states, the works all explore ‘how our relationships to our cities and to each other are being completely transformed by new media.’

One of the more interesting works that caught my attention would be ‘Chime’, an interactive musical installation by Ari Joseph that allows one to call a phone number and participate in the musical performance. This is done through generating algorithmic compositions out of the audio from the phone calls.

Posted by: Heather Too WanYu (A0073246H, W1, Sept 30, 2012)

e-art: New Technologies and Contemporary Art - Ten Years of Accomplishments by the Daniel Langlois Foundation


This exhibition will offer Montrealers a glimpse of works by artists who have defined and continue to define the merging of art with electronic and digital technology. The works in the exhibition stem from art practices in which the object, subject or method of the work are discourses, attributes and techniques borrowed from science and technology as well as from art.

Posted by: Chua Mei Qi (A0070421X, W1, Sept 30, 2012)

Sonic Interaction Design


“Putting sonic interactions into words”

The title captures the essence of this exhibition that showcases the use of Sonic Interaction Design within arts, music and design. I found this resource to be particularly engaging as the concepts in the works exploits the use of sound as the main channel of conveying meaning in interactive contexts.

The design works illustrated the emerging field of sonic interaction design and especially how it can be made accessible to the wider public. The works are explained in details with the provision of the artists’ websites, additional references and biography. The accompanying curatorial statement also explains how sound is centred at the heart of all the different works.

Other students may find this resource useful in providing texture to an exhibition that would be otherwise dominated by design works that communicate via visual appeals. The exhibition stands out as the different works in this exhibition is able to showcase the role of sound without using overwhelming space.

Posted by: Godwin Tan (A0084314L, W3, Sept 30, 2012)

Resonate Festival 2012

Resonate is a new platform for networking, knowledge sharing and education bringing together world class artists to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

The website has many interesting current projects regarding human media interactions and how technology could be harnessed to create new forms of arts and communications among people. Some sample projects are "The Guardian Interactive", which aims to push the boundaries of news story-telling, creating pieces where data visualisation, rich media, and interactions combine with classic narratives to build new forms of reader engagement; and "soba64", which is an open space for broadening human ability to listen & experience the power of being in sound/sound creating through body, high-technology and soul.

Posted by: Zenan Liu (A0077897B, W3, 30 Sep, 2012)


The Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual exhibition organised to showcase award-winning media arts from across the globe (selected in the previous year) within Japan as well as abroad.
It is organised by the Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and art designs sent in are placed in four different categories: Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga.
Examples of these media arts can come in the form of Interactive Art, Websites, Games and Animations.

Since the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival (2012) call for entry is just over (30 Sept 2012), here is the link for the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival award-winning media arts (with their descriptions):

Posted by: Lynette Liew - A0071084L - W2 - 30 Sept 2012


WHITEvoid designs art installations mainly using OLED lighting and light textures. Their installations range from art sculptures on the ceiling to functional digital theatre stage lighting systems that increase interactions between the humans and the media.

Posted by: Lum Wen Qing (A0084804A, W3, 30 Sep 2012)

National Media Museum

National Media Museum is situated in the heart of Bradford, UNESCO City of Film.
It is home to over 3.5 million items of historical significance, which looks after the National Photography, National Cinematography, National Television and National New Media Collections.
The Museum organizes three major film festivals every year: Bradford International Film Festival, Bradford Animation Festival and Fantastic Films Weekend.

Posted by: Ma Xiaotong(A0077825U, W1, 1st Oct, 2012)

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art aims at researching, documenting, and promoting events, styles, and phenomena in contemporary arts.
Their website provides information and access to contemporary artworks and designs by both Croatian and international artists. It asserts itself as a modern-type museum. They coined a new term called "Collection in Motion" which demonstrate the intention to improve the presentation, communication and interpretation of the artworks in their collections. They wish to emphasize the characteristics of contemporary arts: movement, change, transience and uncertainty.

posted by: Nguyen Phuong Dzung (A0074509B, W1, Sept 30, 2012)


EyePlay is a life size virtual interactive game that can play up to 15 players at one time. It uses MotionAware technology that enables participants can interact with elements that are projected on the floor using a projector. There are games such as Super Soccer, Ice Hockey, Piano, Drums, and Disco Floor is projected onto the floor. The participants are able to interact using their entire body.

The media is the EyePlay game itself.

These actions would produce different relationships between the different players. Players can create new relationship if they are playing with strangers, or enforce relationship if they are playing with their own friends.

Posted by: Tan Wee Siang (A0073487U, W1, Oct 1, 2012)

Carsten Höller: Experience
"New Museum", New York

"Carsten Höller: Experience” is the most comprehensive US exhibition to date of the artist’s engaging work. The current show gathers together a number of the artist’s signature works in an arrangement that transforms the viewer’s experience of time and space. Originally trained as a scientist, Höller is frequently inspired by research and experiments from scientific history and deploys these studies in works that alter the audience’s physical and psychological sensations, inspiring doubt and uncertainty about the world around them.

The interactive and participatory installations include a sensory deprivation pool where visitors can experience a strange out-of-body experience, a mirrored carousel and a slide running from the fourth to the second floor, penetrating ceilings and floors.

Posted by: Oon Su Fen Nadia (A0085593R, W1, Oct 1, 2012)

The Creator's Project
the Creator's Project - Blog

A blog with information of latest works by various "creators". These works include (but not limited to) interactive designs, artworks, music, film, gaming and fashion.
Examples of latest entries: A dress that responds to the wearer's heartbeat, a camera that autonomously captures images of a user's day and turns them into short movie clips, liquid crystal as interactive media canvas, etc.
This blog also includes informations of other new media exhibition.
More information can be found at the parent site the Creator's Project

Posted by: Zhou Shuo (U094831U, W4, 1 Oct, 2012)

Artfutura is a festival of digital culture and creativity, held over more than 20 years, showcasing and introducing new projects and ideas of new media, interactive design, videogames and digital animation.
A theme is allocated for each year's exhibition and this year is "Our Future is Digital".
Past editions of Artfutura can be found here
The curatorial statements for each year can be found at the catalogs here.

Posted by: Sim Yuin Theng (A0084446Y, W3, 1 Oct 2012)

Digitalarti Blog
Digital art & innovation

Digitalarti Blog is a regularly-updated, collaborative online magazine featuring digital artworks, trending concepts, upcoming art festivals as well as editorial pieces.

They also run in-depth interviews with artists every now and then.

posted by: Tan Jie Mei (A0070661L, W4, Oct 1, 2012)


Design-IO is a creative studio that specializes in designing and developing digital interactive installations. The website itself showcases several of its projects that has been developed for museums around the world.

Posted by: Wee Yew King (A0073965R, W4, 1 Oct 2012)

Jean Bridge, digital and interactive media artist

Jean Bridge is a digital and interactive media artist represented by Red Head Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Her recent solo exhibition gave viewers the opportunity to control an audio/image environment of banal street scenes responding to their movement in the gallery. In her works, she explores the nature of space and place, and the ways people engage with their environments.

Posted by: Melissa Zhu (A0078587H, W3, 1 Oct 2012)

Liu Pang: Interactive Installation

Liuliu Pangpang, an interactive installation, creates a virtual environment that encourages the audience to explore the movements of their body and interaction with others.
Held in Singapore in 2008, it showcases how a traditional playground piece, a seesaw can act as a form on interactive media which encourages audience interaction and participation.

Posted by: Benjamin Goh (A0096660X, W2, 1 Oct 2012)

**Collection of Interactive Art Installations

I found this website by Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.
Beginning in 2005, Netherlands Media Art Institute placed its own collection of autonomous video art on the website. The aim of the website is to consolidate generated video art content and make it accessible to a world-wide audience.
This database allows you to read a description of the works, view video fragments, and search for artworks by titles, artists, date of creation and subjects.
Do browse through the collections to see if any of the artworks are suitable for your project!

Posted by: Pang Min Jie (U098467L, W3, 2 Oct, 2012)

Watermans International Festival of Digital Art 2012

In conjuction with the fanfare and buzz surrounding London in 2012 because of the Olympics and Paralympics, Watermans (London-based New Media Art Organisation) organised the Watermans International Festival of Digital Art 2012. The exhibition is showcasing 6 selected pieces of renowned New Media art pieces from all 6 continents to serve two purposes

1) Bring together artists from all corners of the globe (like the Olympics has)
2) Explore and encourage the act of audience participation

Ultimately, they want to create the notion that these "installations are only as good as you are", and that we have to Be Part of the Art.

Posted by: Tan Weiren Glen (U090172B, W3, 2 Oct 2012)

Tate Modern The Tanks - Live Art Exhibition July - Oct 2012

The Tanks is a 15-week festival to mark the opening of the Tate Modern's new exhibition space dedicated to performance and film installation. The festival features a programme of installations, performance art and live art.

Tate Modern director Chris Dercon talks of how the opening coincides with an increasing desire for live encounters in art, by both artists and audiences (in an interview with Guardian []). The museum's curators also hope that with the new exhibition space, performance art can be brought to a mainstream audience intead of being limited to the avant-garde.

Posted by: Ou Queenie (U098738A, W3, 2 Oct 2012)

A Most Precarious Relationship: Artists, Audiences and Interactive Art in the Emirates

This exhibit showcases four participatory, interactive installations that actively engage the audience in different ways. They encourage audience to work together through shared-control interfaces, often with an element of fun and space for thoughtful contemplation on societal and personal axioms.

One installation uses social media as the point of interaction with his work. By engaging with the work via 'liking' it on Facebook, the audience determines the fate of the installation. Another allows visitors to co-construct the artwork by contributing plastic bottles to it. This fosters a sense of community as strangers cooperate with one another to create works of art.

Posted by: Lee Zhi Wei (A0069501J, W4, 2 Oct 2012)

Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion

Using media such as light, video, film & digital media, it allows audience to explore the space through the usage of sight, touch, sound, voice and movements. Due to the differences in every individuals, what they experience through this artwork differs to one and another, thus creating an experience unique to every individual.

One of the exhibits is 'Free Shadow Movies', whereby audience are brought to the attention of various shadows that we encounter in everyday life, which often left unnoticed. It allows people to take a step back in their busy lives, and take note of the minute details that may create a larger impact to their lives.

Posted by: Chee Ling (A0071230Y, W3, 2 Oct 2012)

World Class Society (1999) – a video installation by Lee Wen

Lee Wen is a local artist and he has been tapping on media and its interactions with museum-goers to explore and expose societal concerns. His artwork ‘World Class Society’ was features in Singapore Art Museum, 2011 in Video, An Art, A History 1965 – 2010.

In ‘World Class Society’, Lee Wen questions politicians’ aspirations for Singapore through his video installation. Although it can be considered an old artwork, it is not lacking in media-human interaction. His artwork prompts museum-goers to personally experience the ‘dream’ of living in a world class state through peering into a white cloth funnel leading to his video. His unusual installation forces us to put on our thinking caps and questions the definition of being ‘world class’. There is a station for museum-goers to pen down their thoughts about being a ‘world class’ citizen. This gives the opportunity for museum-goers to interact with each other by leaving their thoughts behind.

Posted by: Stephanie Lim (A0071509H, W2, 2 Oct 2012)

Minimum Interface, YCAM, Yamaguchi, Japan

This exhibition that took place in Japan, ran along the theme of the "future of interface". Multimedia works were selected from all over the world to reflect the cultural diversity of the information society today. It aims to highlight the sometimes unconscious connection between human and media, body and mind. Participants are invited to engage in playful exchange with the unique interfaces, redefining in the process, the relationship between exhibit and audience.

The entire show itself is navigated via a specially designed meta-interface, allowing participants to unlock new channels of sensation and active conception, blurring the boundaries between the digital and the human.

Posted by: Tabitha Tan (A0073271L, W2, 2 Oct 2012)


This is the is the only International festival of cybernetic art in Russia (i.e. art, that combines living, biological and somatic substance with technical and computer devices). It encompasses and develops on these themes:

— Art in public spaces: art in the streets, in offices and homes;
— Art reconstructing post-Soviet degraded industrial areas;
— Contemporary art in classic museums.

Posted by: Pearlyn Yeo (A0084592W, W3, 2 Oct 2012)

VASA Project - Online Workshops, Talks and Exhibitions in Photography, New Media, Sound Art and Visual Studies

This is the curatorial statement by Liz Murphy Thomas who talks about the photographs of Sam Davis. The exhibition, "weep not for the future", features works from Davis' Tragic Heros, Tin and Sculptural Objects series.

Her curatorial statement manages to draw the evident link between media and human - nostalgia. Starting her curatorial statement with a brief history of the place, Thomas manages to set the mood for the exhibition she curated. The theme is also clearly reflected and consistent throughout the statement.

Posted by: Khoo Xi Ying (A0070182N, W4, 3 Oct 2012)

**Disturb me - Brussels

in its description,

This project by popcorn makers is an interactive installation between human and his environment. It is to make perceptible the reciprocal links and often forgotten contact, that we maintain with our environment.

The projection depends on the sound emitted by the spectators and creates consequently, a transitory and colored environment. The projected forms are revealed when in contact with surfaces of the room.

The senses are awakened, the room becomes alive.

Posted by: Koh Yi Leen (A0084978E, W4, 3 Oct 2012)

Intimate transactions Youtube link
Whole body interface, haptic component for sensing a shared media experience with another person on the network.
Posted by: Lonce

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