Curating New Media 2008

mostly a bunch of interesting artists that blogger tim siedell comes across. theres new media art/ interactive art in the really mixed bag of stuff along with architecture, photography, street art. you might wanna check out the stuff under advertising. sometimes the medium is new media. blog is kind of like an exhibition with siedell as curator, and he picked put some pretty funny videos.
website with ian bogost as editor. about games, but with a different perspective. connects games with political etc. agendas. there are games that are purely invented for subversive purposes. check out the post under robotrons without the guns. it leads to more sites like Retro Remakes where they come up with new variations of old games with political slant.
(wong yan ling 251008) media art, electronic music, hacktivism
This website has many different types of art. Although the site might look confusing, but just click on the tags below the logo to navigate. There are many different categories that are found in this website. You just have to choose the tag that you are interested in and you will be able to find more art pieces with that tag. It provides us with lot of choices to choose from and many different genres. There is also a short write-up for each piece of artwork. So, we will be able to understand what is the work about before choosing it. This website also has a section that gives links to exhibitions that are happening around the world.

(Poster: Chern Hui Shan, 25th October 2008)

Works and Exhibitions of Paul De Marinis
Remember the artpiece 'Raindance' by Paul De Marinis that Lonce showed us in lecture? (The one where the audience interacts with the artpiece by moving the umbrella.) It is a very interesting artpiece and after seeing his other artpieces, you will realise that Paul has his own unique way in bringing the notion of interactivity into his works. Have a look and perhaps you will be able to find from this website a few interesting artpieces to be included in your curation.

(Poster: Chew Yee Kiat, 24th October 2008)

We make money not art

This website is a documentation of art and design events, interview with artists as well as art conferences. It showcases a wide range of never ending possibilities of art creation in various fields including new media from across the globe. This website also shares a generous list of links to other recommended sites related to region, type of art or artist.

(Poster: Nur Liyana, 23rd October 2008)

Liverpool Biennial

Liverpool Biennial 2008 is an exhibition held in Liverpool. In this website, you will be able to find a range of artists who have submitted their various new media works. This site is also linked to their home sites which will tell you more about the individual pieces. Some of the artists featured in this exhibition are Manfredi Beninati, U-Ram Choe etc.

(Poster: Lim Chang Wei Edmund, 21st October 2008)

The Living Image

The Living Image was an exhibition of a piece of large scare 'technoetic art'. Roma Patel, Graham Nicholls and Trudi Entwhistle, two artists and a theatre designer came together to create a virtual world over a space of 2 kilometers at the Dana Centre. It would be a Virtual Reality world of familiar spaces in London but the artists understand that such an exhibition makes people notice things about places that they never would otherwise. One of the marketing taglines of this exhibition was "Ready to experience a multi-sensory psychogeography?" and is indeed apt in describing what this exhibition aims to achieve.

(Poster: Sarah Yap, 21st October 2008)

Digicult electronic arts agency

Digicult is a platform to showcase electronic arts. Digicult valorize Italian digital artists internationally, in the field of audiovisual art, interaction and urban design, graphic animation, electronic music and experimental video art. Digicult promotes and organizes the work of some well-known experimental artists of the Italian panorama. Digicult acts as a cultural bridge between Italy and the rest of the world. Through this websites, people are able to understand and find out more about the Italian New Media Art scene.

(Poster: Neo Shiwei, 21st October 2008)

Curator 2.0

Brennan Shane in this essay argues for using New Media to curate New Media. Unlike traditional physical exhibition venues, weblogs offer unlimited space and an interactive platform for the curation of new media artwork. Weblogs are also not limited to geographical location, hence offering practically unlimited reach. Like Web 2.0, curating with new media allows content to be broken down and sent across networks. Curator 2.0 offers a space that is open for the exchange of ideas, collaborative creation and the accumlation of collective wisdom - something very much like this Wiki you are reading.

(Poster: Darrell Goh, Oct 20, 2008)

[] This website is a free Singapore's online arts and design web network with local event listings, creative opportunities and websites featuring local creatives and their works. Through this space, we can be reminded of local arts events, which are good sources for curating.

(poster: Yeo Chai Heng, Oct 19, 2008)

[] TheGreenEyl: Richard The, Gunnar Green, Frédéric Eyl and Willy Sengewald are offsprings of the Berlin University of the Arts and have been working collectively since 2003. They use this website to show their works on unconventional interaction between people, their environment and technology.

(poster: Yeo Chai Heng, Oct 19, 2008)


This is a website showing the exhibition Machines & Souls. Digital Art and New Media explores the convergence of art, science and technology. The main idea of this exhibition is to look into how a group artists are chosen to show their capability of combining art, technology, creativity, mystery, emotion and beauty despite in the past where art and science are both concepts which move in parallel. Furthermore in this website, it also shows the participating artisits and the curators of this exhibitions. Links to the main exhibition website and online gallery are also available under this website.

(poster: Malcolm Cheong, Oct 19, 2008)

The Australian-Japan NEW MEDIA GALLERY is presented by the Australian Embassy Tokyo, produced by Co:exist, and funded by the National Council for the Centenary of Federation in Australia. It showcases different forms of new media artworks (graphic design, web design, computer graphics, digital animation, performance art, interactive art, multimedia and interdisciplinary arts practices) by Australian and Japanese artists. The site also provides contacts and information on new media resources in Australia and Japan to help foster better relations and facilitate new exchange projects.

(poster: Tao Yi Jun, Oct 21, 2008)

Art of the Net
Web Art Portal
Art of the Net’s Web Art Portal is a blog-style portal which introduces web art sites and artists. The site owner even has his own Manifesto!

(poster: Tao Yi Jun, Oct 21, 2008)

[] Charly Nijensohn

Charly Nijensohn is a new media artist who works and resides in Berlin, Germany. Most of his works involve travelling to remote destinations in the world and capturing videos with the help of the local communities. His works are most notable for the lack of any editing or technological interference. To date, he is a globally acclaimed artist and his works are being showcased globally, amongst which is "El naufragio de los hombres" (The wreck of men), currently showcased in the Singapore Biennale 2008.

(Poster: Yong Wen Qi Michelle, 20 Oct 2008)

Norimichi HIRAKAWA – Emerging New Media Artist

This is the official website of new media artist, Norimichi HIRAKAWA. Norimichi works with algorithm and spacial design to create installations that rebuild phenomenon in the sensory level of viewers. His works are documented in this site, including "A plaything for the great observers at rest" which received the Award of Distinction (Interactive Art Category) at Ars Electronica Prix 2008. Photos and Videos of the works are also available. However, they are relatively small in size. A search on YouTube will do the job.

Here are links to two videos of Norimichi's works via YouTube:
"A plaything for the great observers at rest"

(Poster: Ng Wee Hua, Oct 19, 2008)

[] Scott Hobbs and the Attigo TT.

Scott Hobbs is a UK based engineer who worked on the Attigo TT while he was still doing his 4th year at Dundee University. What compelled me to pick his work is that he brought about a new meaning to turntablism (a form of DJ-ing) in the sense that the old turntables (even on modern contemporary ones) has to have a platter and a 'needle' at the very least and in order to play the music, one would need records. Over the years, cds and mp3s came into play but they still had the same concept of the DJ having to use audio cues while looking at a rotating platter with the record on it. The Attigo TT revolutionized this notion by adding a touchscreen to the turntable and instead of just having audio cues, the DJ now can have a visual cue as well. Although it is still in its developmental stages, the Attigo TT has received a lot of attention especially from the DJ Community. I do understand that most of us don't actually know how the 'old' turntables and this 'new' turntables work so I've placed 2 videos showing how both of them work.

DJ Qbert's DIY to Skratching - What he's using is a DJ's conventional weapon of choice. A typical turntable set.

Scott Hobbs showcasing the Attigo TT.

(Poster: Rahmat Tirmizi, Oct 20, 2008)

New Media Artist Maurice Benayoun

This is the official website of Maurice Benayoun, a new media artist who has been recognised for many of his works. In his website, he showcases all the new media creations he has done and includes in all the publications related to his works. Under the ‘works’ section, there are many new media productions done by him over the years till today. These works are classified into installations, interfaces, museography and so on. There is also a video section on the website for you to view his works. In short, this website contains everything about Maurice Benayoun that one needs to know.

(Poster: Elaine Neo, Oct 20, 2008)

Sabrina Raff, New media Artist

This is the official website for new media artist, Sabrina Raaf. Raaf is a Chicago-based artist who works in both experimental sculptural media and photography. She is a producer of creative machines & machines that independently make art when cross-pollinated with human interaction. Her works are designed to heighten people’s awareness of the social space they share – as well as the uniqueness of their moment within it. Her installations may sense levels of activity, the scale of space, and/or the movement of people and in return, they provide a visual record of life in that space. Raaf's interest is in defining new ways in which generative and responsive environments might provide useful or poignant information to a community. Raaf’s website includes many images, videos and descriptions of her electronic and installation projects as well as useful links to other new media websites such as Rhizome and newmediaFix.

Sabrina Raff’s Interview with Cultural Chicago
Sabrina Raff’s Interview with Gizmodo

(Poster: Tay Xin En Joan, Oct 20, 2008)

Wartena Jan Willem

This is the official website of Wartena Jan Willem. It includes photos and drawings of his works, his biography and a statement. Wartena produced his works under the name “Meat Factory” and is very much inspired by clones and the designer organism. Art, science and in particular gene technology form the central theme of Wartena’s work.

Here is a link to a video of Wartena’s “Meat Factory”:

(poster: Cherine Lau, Oct 20, 2008)

New Media Exhibtion

Till now, it is hard to give a clear definiton to the term 'new media art', on top of that,the issue about incorporating technology with art still remain. With this, Yuanfen New Media Art Space provides a space for artists that wish to explore and push the definitions of art to its limits. Works of established and emerging new media artists from China and abroad are showcased. Also, I thought that this webiste might be useful cause they provide virtual tours of the exhitbition. The website provides interpretations and pictures of the works of this artists.Thus, through this space, new media works are promoted and the propagation of this form of art is encouraged.

(Poster: Leow Hui Li, Oct 20, 2008)

This was an area where video art can be shared with ease and provide a space for any artist utilizing the video medium as a artform. This website serve as a platform for new medium artist all over the world to be able to post and share their and hopefully able to inspire others or share other insight. You can leave comment and discuss about the video art in the section. Overall, it is an international hub for video artists and the audience to share and also make possible to expand video art into a wider area through making it more accessible to wider range of audience in the public space. A online community of artists were gathered and encouraged here.

(Poster: Chan Chun Hon, Oct 20, 2008)

The Volta Show

VOLTA is a platform for presenting the vision of contemporary art galleries of global repute whose artists represent new and relevant positions for curators and collectors alike. Conceived to bridge a gap between Basel's pre-existing fairs, VOLTA showcases galleries — whether young or mature — that choose as their mandate to work with the most exciting emerging artists. The galleries are selected by an annually changing group of Curators to give each edition its own clear identity and to redirect focus back on the art producers as well as their representing galleries.

(Poster: Esther Peh Wan Qian, Oct 20, 2008)

[] - New Media Blog
This is a blog created by the creators of vvvv, a programme written for real time video streaming. This blog allows the creators and other artists to share their artworks which makes use of vvvv. A very interesting website.
(poster: Ong Gek Kee Audrey, Oct 19, 2008)


BEIJING- This was one of the largest cultural events leading up the Beijing Olympics held at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). NAMOC is dedicated to research, presentation and promotion of modern and contemporary arts.
The exhibition showcases works of artists from more than 30 countries and boasts over 40 media art installations. This large scale event also featured collaborations with MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Arts Electronica, European Media and other major cultural and educational institutions.

"The Future of the Present or the Present of the Future" - this exhibition is a great achievement not only for China but for Asia as a whole.

(Poster: Corinne Chow, Oct 20, 2008)

Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art
This is an independent, non commercial website for the visual arts, especially those from Africa, Latin America, and Asia in the context of international art processes.
The site provides
- A collection of arts information, including analytic articles on remarkable artworks on display
- Art directory, with general information on art history, contemporary arts, exhibitions and events, museums/galleries, institutions & associations, publications from Africa, Latin America and Asia.
- An index on artists who appear on the website
The site also features photo tours and information from Biennials and other regular exhibitions, as well as provide a magazine section with articles, information and news from different art magazines.

(poster: Nguyen Bao Khanh, Oct 20, 2008)


The New Media Artists category includes a selection of fine artists working with a variety of new mediums including lights, neon, video, digital, plastics, and more.

This website has a list of 4 new media artists (Eric Ehlenberger, Alan Butler, Wartena Jan Willem, Patricia Piccinini) and the links to the collection of the artists' artworks.

The artists' artworks revolves around new media but the interesting thing is that they infuse new media with other elements such as science and technology. For example, one of the artists Wartena Jan Willem, explores areas of art and gene technology with photography with his artwork of meat factory.

A good mix of works of new media and other elements.

(poster: Leona Seng Ci Yun, Oct 20, 2008)


The Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth 2007 revolved around the ironic theme of 'stillness'. It combined art, science and technology together. The theme of 'stillness' in new media is ironic because the people today are living in a fast paced society, speeding towards the unknown. The Biennale then allows one to stop and think about the humanities of life; what makes us human and real. BEAP features 7 artworks with a brief description each. Visitors can also visit the main site of the individual artwork itself.

(Poster: Jasmine Wee, Oct 21, 2008)

Art and Social Technologies

'Art & Social Technologies' (AST) is an interdisciplinary research group at the University of Plymouth which investigates – in their words – the "intersection of art, technology and society". This website contains profiles of the five members of AST together with links to their university home pages, a list of exhibitions by the members – with links to outside pages – and a bibliography of the AST's publications since 2001. In addition, there are details of AST partners and publication associates on the website. There is also information on symposia attended although no full-text papers are available.

(Poster: Ee Changshun Andrew, Oct 21, 2008)


New Media Festival 2007 is the first common festival of NewArtMediaProjectNetwork (nmart) and is also a experimental platform for art and new media operating in Cologne/Germany. VideoChannel, a video project environments is part of the Festival and the video art pieces are available online, in the website above. It consists of solo pieces by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir dealing with the absurdity of life, an ongoing series of featuring films and videos by female directors called Women Directors Cut, art cartoons and animated narratives and finally some artwork from Ukraine.

(Poster: Tan Eileen, Oct 22, 2008)


Experimenta is an Australia new media works organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting media art since 1986. Their mission has been to portray Australia as being at the forefront of innovation in new media art. Experimenta has a keen interest in partnering with any corporation that seeks to develop the Australian new media arts scene, as well as the international market for such art. Included on their website are study guides for exhibits like the House of Tomorrow, which paints a possible future residence, and Experimenta Playground, where the study guide not only provides an in-depth look into the exhibition but also offers creative challenges to students. Of interest in Experimenta's previous exhibitions includes their 'Waste' exhibition in 2001, which explored fundamental enviromental issues.

(Poster: Charles Lazaroo, Oct 22, 2008)

Into the Pixel


Into the Pixel is an art competition and exhibition that brings together fine arts experts as well as experts from the interactive entertainment media industry to explore and celebrate the art of the video game. It also serves as an appreciation and recognition of artists responsible for the beautiful visuals we see in video games today. It is in its fifth year running already. The art works are created using game software most gamers would be familiar with, like Guild Wars and Half-Life. The website has a good archive with plenty of pictures, though it lacks proper text description of the art works. The commentaries by Jurors of the competition who choose the winners make up for it, as you will get their insight of what they think of the exhibition and the art form itself. So you get a pretty good idea of what's in a curator's head, as most of these Jurors are professional curators in museums. Some of them are also virgins of gaming, and thus some commented on their first time experience with gaming as an art form. Not to mention, the advocacy of video games as an art form, which for me personally is pleasing as I've long been a fan of video games and strongly believe in its aesthetic value. For non-gamers, this is a chance to peek of what you've been missing out.

(Poster: Mohamed Shahmir, Oct 22, 2008)


La demeure du Chaos is based in Lyon, France conceptualized and transformed by the sculpture Thierry Armand founder of the Serveur Group and of Artprice. La demeure du Chaos works as a fabric and poses questions about art institution, curation, aesthetic conceptualizing and definition of art itself. The space is in perpetual movement and interaction both in relation to virtual collaboration and the environment; of art, action and events in the world. La demeure du Chaos is like a post apocalyptic fabric, a living organic space in perpetual movement of artists, performances, intervention, and has more than 2700 artworks. The work represented has met a lot of criticism and is provocative, social, and political and also relate to issues of new media aesthetics and internet art.

(Poster: Asne Kvale, Oct 23, 2008)

Mary Flanagan

Mary Flanagan is an artist, designer and author who deals primarily with popular culture and digital media (human relationships with technology). Through her artworks and critical writings, she investigates and discusses how everyday technologies have immersed and have affected our daily lives. Some of the specific topics she has focused on include, digital art, cyberculture and gaming. In this official website of this new media artist, collections of her media projects, writings and games research can be found. One of her most profound establishments to digital arts is techARTS. [] It is a non-profit program built to encourage the use of technology amongst girls by exploring the arts through computers. Her upcoming events and exhibitions can be found here as well.

"Using the formal language of the computer program or game to create systems which interrogate seemingly mundane experiences such as writing email, using search engines, playing video games, or saving data to the hard drive, Flanagan reworks these activities to blur the line between the social uses of technology, and what these activities tell us about the technology user themselves."

(Poster: Esther Lau Si En, 23rd October 2008)

Machinima Filmfest 2008

Machinima is a digital film production technique involving the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create narrative works. Unlike animated films such as Finding Nemo or Wall-E that are developed using professional animation, modelling and production processing, Machinima works are fondly characterized by the employment of interactive 3D game engines such as those used in popular multiplayer role-playing games like World of Warcaft or first-person shooters such as Half-Life and Halo. By basing narrative works on the products of these gaming engines, Machinima artists propogate the notion of putting game tools into ends, expressions and alternate contexts outside the original intention of the game developers.

The Machinima Filmfest is an annual artistic showcase featuring award-winning international Machinima works. Spanning a total of 15 award categories, this year's Machinima Filmfest is held in New York where its parent orgnizaion, the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences, is based in. One can find links to the works of award winners and award nominees on the Machinima Filmfest website.

(Poster: Jeremy Sor, Oct 23, 2008)

Shanghai e arts festival 2008


The official web site of the Shanghai e arts festival 2008. The theme is urbanized landscape and there are interactive, digital, virtual e-art, installations and performances.

CiTu is a collaboration between the three leading new media initiatives in French Universities: cirEN, Interdisciplinary Research Center on the Aesthetics of Computing, University of Paris 8; LAM, Laboratory of Arts and Media, University of Paris 1 Sorbonne; Paragraph Laboratory, University of Paris 8. The site include extensive documentation of collaborative activities and research in new media and digital art and in art production since 1996.

(Poster: Asne Kvale, Oct 23, 2008)



Neosurrealism is a combined imagery of fantastical visions and perceptions in fine art painting, digital art graphic, and photography. In the mid 1980s, modern computer technologies brought tons of additional depicting power to contemporary artists. The arrival of desktop publishing and the introduction of software applications introduced a generation of artists to computer image manipulation and 3D image creation that had previously been unachievable. Neosurrealism is a philosophical, conceptual, artistic movement that acts as a revival of surrealist thought in relation to the new culture of the Internet.

see also

(Poster: Jonathan Goh, Oct 24, 2008)

Meaningful Play 2008: Designing and Studying Games that Matter


Meaningful Play 2008 is a conference and competition on games with academic, experimental or serious themes to be showcased. Information on the games from the competition can be viewed under the games link. Brief descriptions of the conference papers can be viewed through the program link. It shows that games are a versatile platform and can be thought of as a new media canvas on which art could be drawn upon to highlight issues the artists, who constitute of the developers, are concerned about.

Games are Art


This blog site talks about games as an art, viewing different games in different ways. It explores interactivity and explores what games can be thought of as being. The blogger himself is a game developer and experiments with some game ideas.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image


From the wonders of more than a century of cinema, to television, computer games and the screen-based art of the future, ACMI is the place to find out everything about the moving image. View the exhibitions they have helped to organize as well as try searching for curator related keywords inside the site to view more curating resources.

(Poster: Bruce Chia, Oct 24, 2008)

**Axis: The Online Resource for contemporary art**


This site has a expanding directory of artists and curators engaging in contemporary art, allowing us to have a deeper idea of each of them. There are also regular updates in writing, audio and visual interviews, news and reviews on events. Serves as a good resource in search of art pieces and artists. Also, upon discovering many different styles of curations, we may have a wider perspective of curating.

(Poster: Tan Eileen, OCt 24, 2008)

Examples of Curator Statement


These sites each consist of a curator statement. Not too sure if they're useful, but maybe it can serve as a reference for all of us.

(Poster: Tan Eileen, Oct 25, 2008)

Rhizome This website focuses on art that uses technology. The website is an open platform that facilitates exchanges and communications about new media art. It has a good collection of works that are regularly updated plus commentary. There is also a good collection of videos of these artworks. (Poster: Foo Guo Sen, Oct 19, 2008)

Sabrina Raaf: New Media Artist The website belongs to Sabrina Raaf, a Chicago-based new media artist. Website figures her biography and the new media projects that she had worked on. Currently she is working on an installation titled Curtain Wall which will commence in December this year. There are a number of nice videos and pictures captured on her project, feel free to check them out. (Poster: Rachel Lin Peishi, Oct 19, 2008)

Synthetic Times 2008 The exhibition 'Synthetic Times – Media Art China 2008' showcases both established and emerging artists from approximately thirty countries, and over forty media art installation works will be on view along with performances, workshops, presentations and discussion panels. It was viewed as the most comprehensive international exhibition staged in China since 1985. (Poster: Bai He, Oct 19, 2008)

PublicCurating PublicCurating is an ongoing research-project by the Vienna-based platform CONT3XT.NET collecting methods, resources, and theories concerning the curation of (New) Media, Internet-based, and Video Art. The website provides diverse theories and statements related in new media art curating. It is an well-organized, fruitful webpage where we can get various new media resources. Under the mission of "critical investigation and documentation of actual tendencies in contemporary art production", this website serves as a platform for its users to discuss and present about numerous issues on new media art. (Poster: Suhyun Kim, Oct 19, 2008)

About Curation
Basically, the author of this article tries to explore the issues and problems of trying to curate a new media artwork. Some of these issues include the honouring of the artistic concepts that the artists hope to exhibit, and also the issues art museum management. The author, Beth Granter, attempts to achieve her aim of examining these issues by using 3 case studies, namely 'Desert Rain' by Blast Theory, 'Desktop Subversibles' by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, and the 'Uncomfortable Proximity' by Harwood @ Mongrel. The author also hopes to achieve a better and deeper understanding of the new media art specific curatorial processes and practices through the critical analysis of the 3 artworks. I feel that this website will be helpful to the students for the final project because we can gain a better understanding of how curatorial work is actually being done and what are some of the issues involved in curating a piece of work. Furthermore, we can also, through the website, gain a better idea of how to interpret the curation of an artwork not just from one, but many other aspects as well. (Poster: Wee Hian Huat, U071623W, Oct 19, 2008)

Net@Works Curatorial Statement & Selected New Media Artworks

As my title suggest, this website provides statements from the 2 curators. Apart from Net@Works, Steev Morgan has also collaborated with others to curate a few other exhibitions. Do google his name~

One drawback: this was a 1995 exhibition so i'm not sure whether it's too 'old' for our curation project?

(Poster: Jasmine Wee, Nov 3, 2008)

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